Thursday, 5 August 2010

Corrie Trivia

An occasional posting of Coronation Street trivia:

In the Coronation Street video set on the QE2 there's a sequence where Rita and Alec watch fireworks from the aft of the ship.  In fact setting off fireworks from a ship would be very dangerous and would be viewed as a distress signal.  Therefore, the fireworks you see were set off in a field in Cheshire and the sequence editted in.

Archie Street in Ordsall, Salford was used for the first 'on location' filming.  It didn't quite match the first street set (which was indoors at Granada Studios) but it was close. 

At one time in the Kabin there was a theatre poster showing  high-kicking chorus girls.  It was provided by the Oldham Coliseum Theatre, where actress Barbara Knox, who plays Rita, started her career.

Blanche's funeral scenes were shot at a different church than is usually used.  This was because the church in Prestwich, normally used for filming weddings and funerals, was having restoration work done at the time.

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