Thursday, 19 August 2010

Fresh off the presses....

I'm pleased to announce that I had a new book published today.  It's a handy-sized (A5, 32 page) full colour guide to some of northern England's film and TV locations called Lights, Camera, Location.  It includes over 100 productions, each one with a trivia fact about it, and quite a few pictures.  We've also included a Coronation Street section.
It will be available through tourist offices, featured locations etc in the north at £4.50 - or via ebay (in due course) at £4 plus p&p.
It won't be available via Amazon or high street book shops.

If you are interested in any of my past books, they are out of print but you can still find used copies via Amazon or Ebay.
They are:
They Started Here! - the story of Oldham Coliseum Theatre.
The World of Crime - (written with Peter Riley) - true Victorian and Edwardian crimes and cons.

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