Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Kemptville Tour - Day Five

Tuesday 31 August 2010

The day started with a book sale. Most of the 50th anniversary merchandise doesn’t come out until October and finding Corrie stuff in the shops is difficult so we always try and get a local trader to supply us with anything they have – and it’s brought to the hotel where it’s offered at a discount. Today we had books by Ken, Liz and Natalie, fridge magnets, the odd costume item and my new book called Lights, Camera, Location! which is a locations guide to over 100 film and TV shows shot in this part of England, including a big section on Corrie. It just came out last week so it was interesting to see what people thought of it.

The group on Coronation Street itself
Then we boarded the Healings coach  for the Granada Studios. Now, it’s not easy to get into the studios and it’s really only possible for groups and corporate companies who book a long time in advance. Anyway, we enjoyed a couple of hours looking around the Coronation Street outdoor set and the two indoor studios which contain the rooms of the houses. Everything is smaller than you might imagine but amazing.

Whilst at the studios we met the actors who play Jack, Sian, Sophie, Rosie, Fiz, Nick, Kevin, Peter, and Leanne and we also met Executive Producer Keiron Roberts and out-going Producer Kim Crowther, who both told us how much the international fans mean to the cast and crew.

The rest of the day was free – some people headed across the road to Liz Dawn’s pub to enjoy a pint and look at all the pictures on the walls, some went shopping. It had been an amazing day!

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