Monday, 30 August 2010

Kemptville Tour - Day Three

Sun 29 August 2010

As we drive around from stop to stop I talk about Corrie, its history, how it’s made and so on. We’re also keeping a note of the number of locations we’re visiting or seeing from the coach (I’ll try and give you the total at the end). We definitely added to that total today. We had a sort of weddings and funerals theme! We started with a quick tour of the city centre - we saw the concert hall built on springs, the building Hitler had earmarked as his Nazi headquarters, the building which played Parliament in the latest Sherlock Holmes movie, and the hotel owned by Sir Cliff Richard amongst other things. First stop was the location of Ken and Deirdre’s second wedding (it’s actually a museum!). Then we headed off to a funeral location – again, this episode hasn’t been aired yet in Canada so for those who don’t like spoilers, I won’t reveal who is buried there here - but it's at the bottom.  It was also used for Betty's wedding to Billy Williams.

We then drove into rural Cheshire where we were able to enjoy a couple of hours roaming around the beautiful Arley Hall and gardens. Mike married Linda here and Liam married Maria. This isn’t really a lucky wedding venue – you might recall that Mark, Mike’s son, let out a little secret at his father’s wedding – he’d been sleeping with his future step-mother, and Carla tried to ruin Maria’s big day! Anyway, we enjoyed our time there – it really is a stunning home with gorgeous gardens.

On the way back into Manchester we made a final stop at a location that’s not been seen on screen in Canada yet. However, there can be few people that know Blanche dies. The wonderful actress who played her, Maggie Jones, died earlier this year so filming Blanche’s funeral was an emotional time for the cast. Our last stop was at the church and graveyard where they filmed the funeral scenes. The church was opened up for us to look inside and we also discovered that John Stape's grandma was buried here and Joshua Peacock was christened here.  We all agreed that Blanche was a classic character and is sadly missed and we made donations to the church's tower appeal in her memory.

After an hour or two to freshen up it was back on the coach and across town to The Bridge, a quaint pub restaurant. We had a private room where we enjoyed a traditional Sunday roast dinner – and the company of a special guest, none other than Craig Gazey who plays Graeme. It’s the first time Craig has been a guest on the tour and he seemed taken aback by the numbers – and the response. He answered lots of questions and posed for pictures with everyone.
Introducing our special guest.

Gail's husband Joe is buried there.

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