Friday, 27 August 2010

Kemptville Travel Tour report 1

As promised here's my first blog entry about the World of Coronation St Tour:

Fri 27 August 2010

Most of the Kemptville Travel group arrived together today, landing at Manchester Airport this morning. I had advised them to keep clear of any dodgy tie salesmen (remember what happened to poor Deirdre!) and get through the airport as quickly as they could.

We were soon on board the Healings coach and heading into Manchester. They are staying at a great downtown hotel, which the group has used for many years, and which is in walking distance of the shops and attractions. Other members of the party who were making their own way there will check in later and this evening, it’s a sherry reception and dinner – then everyone will go off to their rooms to watch a special episode which happens to be airing tonight (I’d love to say it was all planned that way – but I’d be lying!).

We’ve been working on the tour for almost a year so by the time we get to this point Karen, the travel agent, and I are more than happy to see the guests arrive in the UK. Now the fun begins! This year we have 40 people, mainly returners but a few new faces too. Yesterday I had to work out where Canadian viewers were up to in the stories. To give you an idea, the episode CBC aired on August 13 was shown in the UK on October 23. Last year’s group watched the cast filming a scene outside the betting shop where Simon’s granddad arrived in Weatherfield. Canadian viewers should be seeing that about now/just have seen it! So I have to think where each story is up to. Mind you, our guests inevitably hear spoilers, you can’t not do. Of course, I have been known to make a few up just to cloud the issue.

In this posting I’ll put the spoilers at the bottom in italics – then if you don’t want to see them, don’t read the bottom!

The episode shown tonight was Hayley’s hen night.

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