Monday, 6 September 2010

Kemptville Tour - Day Ten

Sunday 5 September 2010

Something special this morning to get the last day off to a cracking start. The real vicar of the church where most of the weddings, funerals, baptisms etc are filmed is a real star. Rev. Hackett and I first met several years ago when he’d just taken over in his new post and had a call from me going on about a Corrie tour. He didn’t, I don’t think, watch Corrie at the time – but he sure does now! He’s seen a lot of filming at the church and has built up a collection of memorabilia from big stories such as Mike’s funeral, Bev and Fred’s wedding etc etc. Anyway, he invited us to join his congregation at Sunday service. It was very special indeed – we were guests at a baptism but, much to the delight of our guests, we were very much involved in proceedings.  Everyone was given a certificate to say they had attneded a service plus a knitted mouse to take away.  Each mouse had been given the name of a Corrie character and the idea is that we send postcards from our mice back to the church!  They've even knitted a cat - who has the name Tony Gordon Richard Hillman!  As the service finished, we all noticed that the organist was playing the Coronation St theme tune!

Afterwards we set off on a whistle stop tour of some final locations – the court where Rita and Deirdre were both sent down, Audrey’s house, Mummy and Daddy Taylor’s house (remember when Curly was going out with Kimberley and he endured several dreadful teas with her parents?), the church Tony Warren was christened in, Weatherfield Comprehensive, and so on.

Final stop was the heart of Salford. In the shadow of the town hall (where Les was sent down) I pointed out some of the inspirations behind the show, how it’s rooted in truth, about its matriarchal thread and so on. We were also in the shadow of Salford Cathedral where Maggie Jones’ memorial service was held. It was a fitting end to the tour to pay tribute to that great actress.  We finally had our tally of locations visited or seen - 61!

So, back to the hotel for packing! Glad I didn’t have it to do.

This evening was another wonderful occasion. We all met up at the Midland Hotel (itself used as a location) for a farewell gala dinner. Of course we also had a surprise guest. Now, normally we have one guest but this being a special year Kemptville Travel had two! We welcomed Julie Hesmondhalgh (Hayley) and William Roache (Ken) to the dinner. Again, both were wonderful and posed for pictures, signed autographs and answered hundreds of questions. A fantastic way to finish off the trip – for tomorrow it’s back to Manchester Airport.

Hope you enjoyed tagging along!

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