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Corrie Trivia


Bet and Alec - in panto guise
1. Julie Goodyear and Roy Barraclough (Bet and Alec) first worked together in the mid-60s when he was an actor and she was a stage hand.

2. When Barbara Knox (Rita) made her first professional stage appearance another actress cut the crown of her hat out in a jealous rage.

3. Thelma Barlow and Peter Baldwin (Mavis and Derek) worked together first in the theatre. They were in the same show but didn’t have a scene together.

4. The role of Peter Barlow has been played by more actors than any other. Recently Linus Roache, who played Peter some years ago, returned as another Barlow son – but in the back of shot during many of his scenes, in the Barlows, was a picture of him as a young Peter.

5. Bill Waddington (Percy) used to own a pig farm.

6. Sue Nicholls (Audrey) is well known for entertaining the cast by singing pastiches of musicals.

7. The Oldham Coliseum Theatre is where many Corrie actors have appeared over the years. Roy Barraclough played his first pantomime dame there, Kenneth Alan Taylor (Cecil Newton) was the dame there for many years, Peter Dudley (Bert Tilsley) also and in recent years Eric Potts (Diggory Crompton) was resident dame. Now, Fine Time Fontayne plays the dame – he appeared as Hilda’s lodger Henry Wakefield.

8. Michael Le Vell’s real surname is Turner.

9. One of Julie Goodyear’s first stage appearances was in ‘A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum’. She wore a leopard-print bikini.

10. Bill Tarmey (Jack) used to sing regularly at his local pub. He gave it up a few years ago.

11. Liz Dawn’s return as Vera for Jack’s death was to have involved her flying. The scene was shot but not used.

12. One of Katherine Kelly’s (Becky) first professional roles was playing a nurse in a play about British comedian Frank Randle. He was played by Keith Clifford who also played Corrie’s Charlie West, owner of the famous turkey.

13. Antony Cotton’s (Sean) real mum appeared in the recent TV play about Corrie ‘The Road to Coronation Street’.

14. Sarah Lancashire (Raquel) was once a waitress. Suranne Jones (Karen) later worked in the same restaurant.

15. Every actress who has played Ken’s wives appeared at the Oldham Coliseum Theatre before landing the job.

16. Kevin Kennedy and Ken Morley (Curly and Reg) were reunited on stage when they both appeared in the touring version of ‘Chitty Chitty Bang Bang’.

17. Bernard Popley was the real name of the actor who played Stan Ogden. One of his early jobs was appearing in a film shot in Manchester. An actress called Pat Pilkington was in it too – she later became Pat Phoenix.

18. Jean Alexander (Hilda) first appeared in Corrie in 1961 – three years before Hilda was invented.

19. Roy Barraclough played the man who sold Stan Ogden his window cleaning round and he also played a salesman who sold Hilda a bed.

20. Alan Rothwell (David Barlow) started out on the Wilfred Pickles radio show. Vi Carson (Ena) also worked on that programme.

21. Eileen Derbyshire (Emily) once mistook the real vicar at a filming location  for the actor vicar and had a long coversation with him about one of the storylines before realising her mistake.

22. Betty Driver, and her late sister Freda, once booked on a cruise to get a break from Corrie.  Imagine their surprise when it turned out that several of the cast were on board as guest speakers!

23. When Granada TV was 40 years old they held a special concert at Liverpool's Philharmonic Hall hosted by Roy Barraclough and with guests including William Roache and Liz Dawn.

24. John Savident (Fred), Meg Johnson (Eunice) and Barbara Knox (Rita) all started their theatrical lives as amateur performers.

25. Actress Susie Blake (Bev) owns the bell cord from the Rovers set.  As part of a storyline it was changed and she was given the old one as a leaving gift.

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