Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Tram Crash TV!

Did you all catch it? The sparks flew, voices were raised and a few careers came off the rails ... yes, the Come Dine With Me Coronation Street Special was well worth watching (from behind the sofa).
In case you missed it (I'm sure you should be able to find it on Channel 4's i-player site) we had Ken Morley (Reg), Julie Goodyear (Bet), Phil Middlemiss (Des) and Tupele Dorgu (Kelly) entertaining each other to consecutive dinner parties at their homes (well, in true reality Tv style Julie's 'home' wasn't actually her real home). 
Ken Morley's behaviour crossed the line somewhat (think highly embarrasing uncle at a family do) which included leering, groping, spitting food, testing food with his finger, wearing his wife's knickers, and much more besides.  Julie's evening included a near-naked slave, a whip and ... well, you needed to be there (o maybe not).  Tupele looked like Alice in Wonderland trapped at this ludicrous, and slightly frightening, mad hatter's tea party.
If you can catch it, do - if only to see that Reg Holdsworth was obviously a watered-down version of Mr Morley.

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