Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Coronation Street Walks - NEW

I'm always being asked whether it's possible to visit the Coronation Street set.  Granada do allow occasional groups to pre-book visits but they charge quite a bit for this.  For those who can't manage this and don't want to go to the expense of booking transport, I now offer a couple of options:


We meet in the foyer of the famous Midland Hotel in central Manchester (itself a Corrie location) and I guide you on a walk around the city centre which takes about 1.5 hours.  During this you'll hear all about Tony Warren and how the show began as well as the history of Granada TV and some of how Corrie is made today.  We'll pass a few locations used in filming storylines in recent years, pass the studios (perhaps getting a glimpse of a corner of the outdoor set, and the original outdoor set) and you'll also hear something of Manchester's colourful history too.  We end (subject to opening hours) at the Old Grapes, owned by 'our Vera' and full of Corrie memorabilia.  I'll gladly answer further questions in there.  So that takes about 2 hours in all and is an very easy, gentle and flat walk.


Tony confronts Roy - one of the locations
you'll see on both tours.
Picture: ITV
 So we start with the guided walk as described in option one.  After a quick drink and sit down in the Old Grapes we walk to the tram stop outside the Midland Hotel and we take the tram to Salford Quays.  Along the journey I'll explain how Salford plays its part in the Corrie Story.  In Salford I'll show you some further locations including the site where the Corrie set will be moving to.  The tram journey takes about 20 minutes and the walk around Salford Quays takes about an hour (again, gentle and flat).  I can then either leave you there to explore the shops (there's a Cadbury's discount store and a food court amongst other things) or I can wait while you have something to eat/do some shopping)
and escort you back to the city centre.

These tours are available for groups of 1+ and take place during the day (I am available 7 days a week).
If you wish a price, please email me with a suggested date and the number in your party.
Everyone receives a free locations guidebook as a momento.

If you wish to book transport (I can do this for you) from a car and driver to a coach, then I can offer a tour taking in a wider variety of locations across Greater Manchester. I am also available as a guide for groups wishing to have Non-Corrie days too!

Contact me at mark.llewellin187@btinternet.com

UPDATED! Since this first appeared I've had lots of questions, so I'll try and answer the most common here:
I really want to visit the set, can I?  Granada do allow some organised groups to visit the studio set but this is very rare and is only available on 'Corrie holidays' like those organised by Kemptville Travel, Coronation Travel, CAA and so on.  You'll find details elsewhere on this blog.
What can you tell me that I don't already know? Lots!  I give lots of talks and tours to Corrie fans each year.  Most fans know the basic history etc but I'll share inside info, funny stories etc.
Do you work for Granada TV? No.  I've worked for and with lots of cast members over the years and I've visited the studios many times.  I've also contributed research info to the official Corrie archives, but I work for myself.
I'm on my own - can I join other people on a tour? All I can do is - if you want to keep the costs down by joining with other people, you can let me know what dates you are in Manchester.  I'll try and match up another enquiry and come back to you if I do.
I'm from Canada and we're 9 months behind, I don't want to know any spoilers, is that okay? Yes.  I've given tours and talks for fans in the UK, USA, Canada and New Zealand, and I've visited each country too.  If you don't waant spoilers, that's fine - if you want some, that's fine too.
I want to see where the stars live in real-life, can you do that?

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