Monday, 31 January 2011

This Blog Makes Top Ten

I was delighted to have forwarded to me the following, which is atke from the newsletter produced by the Canadian store Blightys.  They'd compiled a list of the top 10 websites (in no particular order) for Canadian Corrie fans.  I'm delighted to find I'm on it - so thank you Blightys (

#6 The Undisputed Expert’s Blog (Spoiler Caution)

Many of Canada’s greatest fans have had the privilege of meeting Mark Llewellin. Mark lives in the UK’s Greater Manchester area but has visited Canada several times. You may have met Mark at Toronto’s British Isles Show or, if you are very fortunate, you have accompanied Mark on one of his tours of Coronation Street’s studios and outside filming locations.

Mark knows Coronation Street almost as well as it’s creator Tony Warren. His many contacts within Granada Studios and among the cast make him a knowledge resource par excellence. He is a freelance tour guide, public speaker, event host, event planner and writer (mainly of books, magazine articles and pantomime scripts). Mark has been a contributor to some of the excellent Corrie fan magazines that have found their way across the great big pond to Canada.

Mark’s blog can be found at: Some of the information on the site could be considered as spoiler material. You might hear about characters or actors who will be joining or leaving the show. Mark’s post of 8th January is an interesting one for Canadians; he talks about the Canadian tours he will be hosting this year.

An excellent blog; every Corrie fan should read it.

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