Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Corrie Quiz

THE CORRIE QUIZ – how many can you get right?

1. Tony Warren’s first choice of name for the show was inspired by Sleeping Beauty – but what was it?
2. In which year did Betty make her first appearance?
3. Who did Billy Walker plan to marry in 1974?
4. How did Anne Malone die?
5. Alec Gilroy was married twice – to Bet and before her, to Joyce. Who did Joyce leave him for?
6. Alma once had a crush of Stephen Reid – who was he?
7. In 1996 Maxine had an affair with Fiona’s boyfriend – who was he?
8. What was the name of Vicky’s MacDonald’s horse?
9. Why was Vera sacked by Reg after a trolley dash?
10. In 1979 Deirdre thought Tracy was dead – why?
11. Who died pegging out the washing?
12. Her mum was knocked down by a car whilst walking a dog – name the dog..
13. Who was driving the car?
14. How long were Ted and Rita married for?
15. Where was Sally and Kevin’s daughter Rosie born?
16. Who drilled a hole in Reg’s water bed?
17. What was the name of Percy’s budgie?
18. Who did Phyllis Pearce clean for?
19. What did Rita call Mavis’ friend Victor Pendlebury?
20. Who did Maureen marry in 1997?
21. Who bought a baby which eventually died of meningitis?
22. Why did Len give the Kabin to Rita?
23. Who shaved off Kevin Webster’s moustache?
24. Jack and Annie Walker were blackmailed in 1965 – why?
25. What job did Ivy do at Baldwin’s?
26. Which of these people has not appeared in the show – Cliff Richard, Prince Charles or Tony Blair?
27. Which relative of Kens did Mike Baldwin marry?
28. Which actor plays undertaker Archie?
29. Who had a horse-drawn funeral cortege?
30. What was the first name of the Harris dad killed in the garage?
31. Who did Todd Grimshaw practise his kissing on?
32. What is the name of the actress who played Yana Lumb?
33. Which other famous British soap-opera did Ian Reddington (who played Vernon) appear in?
34. Which of these characters is to return to the show later this year? Jim McDonald, Todd Grimshaw or Alec Gilroy?
35. How many actresses have played Blanche Hunt?

Scroll down for the answers.

1. Florizel Street – named after the prince in the story.  2. 1969.  3. Deirdre. 4. She froze to death in a freezer.  5. A footballer.  6. Audrey’s son from Canada.  7. Tony Horrocks.  8. Saracen.  9. She told everyone he’d fixed it for Rita to win because he fancied her.  10. She’d left her in her pram outside the Rovers when a lorry ploughed into it.  11. Judy Mallet.  12. Scamper.  13. Tony Horrocks.  14. Three months.  15. In the back of a taxi.  16. Derek Wilton.  17. Randy.  18. Des Barnes.  19. The Saddleworth Sage.  20. Fred Elliot.  21. The Mallets – from Zoe.  22. He was facing bankruptcy and wanted it in her name.  23. Steph Barnes.  24. They had an under-age barmaid.  25. She was the Supervisor.  26. Tony Blair
27. Daughter – Susan.  28. Roy Hudd.  29. Mike Baldwin  30. Tommy.  31. Nick Platt  32. Jayne Tunnicliffe.  33. EastEnders.  34. Jim and Todd (Alec returns to the Corrie stage show).  35. 2

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