Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Corrie! - a second review of the stage play

Elsie Tanner back on the
cobbles in Corrie!
Jonathan Harvey's stage play Corrie! opened at the Lowry in Salford last summer and I gave it the thumbs up on this site.  Such was the success of the fortnight's run that the play has now embarked on a national tour and the role of narrator is being played by different actors in different towns. (see below).  So what's changed?  Quite a bit actually.  Firstly, the original version was a little too long whereas this new version comes in at just under two hours which is much better.  We now have six actors playing about 55 characters and they do a great job too.  They've also added the tram crash which is very spectacular and done as a silent movie.
Last night, in Liverpool, the Narrator was Ken Morley (Reg Holdsworth).  Now, I have to confess that Reg wasn't one of my favourite Corrie characters but Ken did a great job in play - remember that the Narrator is the actor rather than the character so he played it as Ken rather than Reg.
The strength of this new version is that it is much pacier than the original and you move from very funny scenes to some very touching ones (Hilda coming back from the hospital with Stan's things for example) which work on two levels - the first is that the actors in the play are so good but on a second level we also remember the original on-screen versions of these classic scenes.
It is a must-see and worth travelling for!

The narrators will be: Bromley, Bath, Woking, Birmingham, Nottingham, Darlington, Northampton - Ken Morley / Sheffield, Ipswich, Stoke, Brighton and Hull - Gaynor Faye / Southampton, Cardiff, Bradford, Malvern - Roy Barraclough MBE.
For more info go to http://www.corrietheplay.com/

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