Saturday, 30 April 2011

Coming to Manchester?

Book a walking tour and ride the tram!
I get a lot of emails asking what there is to see in Manchester for Corrie fans.  The truth is that there's very little sadly.  You can walk around the outside of the Granada Studios and catch the tiniest glimpse of the back of the Corrie set but that's about it.  Of course the crew go out and about on locations to film weddings and funerals, cars going into canals etc but these locations are spread across a wide area and without a guide they are very hard to find.  That's why I started acting as guide for travel agents ( and all offer trips from Canada) and group organisers.  I've expanded this to include a walking tour which is ideal for smaller groups.  Obviously it's not just about Corrie but the four hour jaunt includes a two-hour walk around the city centre when you'll hear about Manchester and some of its quirky past, we walk around the studios and I'll point out where the first outdoor Corrie set was, show you the Corrie blue plaques, tell you about Tony Warren, how the show is made etc and we pass several locations used for key stories over the years.  We then take a short break in the pub owned by Liz Dawn (Vera) which has lots of Corrie pictures on the walls.  Then we see the Town Hall and climb on a tram to travel to the docks area of Salford (it's about 15 mins on the tram) and we walk around there, again with me telling you some history and pointing out some Corrie filming locations.  You'll also see where they are currently building the new Corrie studios (yes, Corrie will move within the next two years) before I bid you farewell outside the Cadbury chocolate shop, food court and tram stop.
These tours are exclusive to your party (mostly it's twosomes) and can be booked for any day I'm available.  We normally start at 10.30am and meet at the Midland Hotel in the city centre.
Just email me at with a day or dates and we'll email you back with availability and cost.  It's up to you whether you then book!

Here are some of the comments we've had back from bookers:  "Something I will always remember - and I'll watch Corrie much more attentively in future knowing all the work that goes into it!"  "Thank you - my mum loved her day with you!"  "Wow!  I can now say I stood where Tony tried to drown Roy Cropper!"  "We thoroughly enjoyed our walk - bumping into Fiz and David like that was the icing on the cake."  "Steve is my favourite so to see where he proposed to Karen was lovely.  The whole thing was a treat."  "I'm so glad I booked the tour - I feel I've been to Weatherfield."

Please note that it is not possible to enter the Corrie studios unless on an organised large group trip (check out for details)

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