Saturday, 30 April 2011

Filming in Manchester

The Bonded Warehouse (you see it behind the medical
centre in Corrie) used to stand on one side of Grape St
with Granada Studios on the other.  Now the street is gone
and the studios occupy the whole site.
 It's been a busy few weeks with quite a few days spent filming for a couple of overseas projects.  I was asked to talk about Granada in the 60s for a programme, which is to be aired on RTE in Ireland later in the year, about the late actor Ray MacAnally (My Left Foot, A Very British Coup etc).  Ray worked at Granada in 1967/8 when he starred in 'Spindoe'.  I had to tell his son, Aongus, what the studios would have been like in those days and about the series.  Aongus is a TV star in Ireland.  We filmed in Granada and I got the crew permission to film on what's known as Grape Street where they have a replica of the Rovers Return (it's not used for filming but is left over from when the studios used to be open to the public).  Aongus turned out to be a big Corrie fan so he was delighted when I showed him Gail Force, the infamous boat, some Streetcar cars and other bits and pieces that were lying about the place.  He wasn't allowed to see the street set though.
I've also been filming for a Canadian project which I'm not allowed to say too much about right now.  It's something Corrie fans will be interested in and if all goes well Canadians will get to see it next spring.

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