Tuesday, 3 May 2011

10 Corrie Wedding Trivia Facts

As we all calm down after the royal wedding here are 10 Corrie wedding facts to amuse you all:

1. When Ken married Deirdre first time round the press speculated on whether the actors had really become hitched - it turned out that the actor playing the vicar was really ordained.
2. When the 'Burton and Taylor of Weatherfield' married second time round the wedding was filmed at Manchester's costume museum.
Did the actors marry as well as
their characters?
Picture: ITV
3. When Steve married Vicky Arden (actually the wedding didn't go through but the couple married abroad later) filming was disrupted by a huge turnout of press photographers.  Outside scenes had to be hastily rewritten so they could be filmed indoors.
4. When Ashley and Claire Peacock married a huge amount of fake snow was used to create the perfect Christmas scenes.  However, when the producer saw the 'rushes' from filming on the street set he demanded more snow and all the scenes of Claire leaving her home had to be re-shot.
5. When Elsie Tanner married Steve Tanner although scenes were not actually filmed in a real church, still photos were taken on location in the Whalley Range part of the city and used in magazines.
6. The first Corrie wedding was that of Joan Walker, daughter of Jack and Annie, but we never saw it on screen.
7. When Harry Hewitt married Concepta Riley scenes of the cars leaving the church were filmed at Archie St in Ordsall with St Clements church in the background.  This is the street on which the Corrie set was modelled.  Sadly, the street iteslf was demolished but the church still stands.
8. When Dev married Sunita a fake street was built across the Corrie car park so that he could ride along it on a horse.  The wedding ceremony was filmed in an old studio opposite the Corrie set.
9. When Bet and Alec Gilroy married her wedding dress was so big that she had trouble walking through the front door of the Rovers.
10. Gail and Brian Tilsley were one of the few Corrie couples to have married in a Catholic church.  This wedding introduced the character of Jack Duckworth into the show.

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