Friday, 9 September 2011

And we're off - the annual tour has begun!


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For all those who couldn’t join us on this year’s Corrie holiday then here’s my first diary entry.

Friday 9 September
I’m a little tired having spent yesterday at the celebrations for the maiden visit of Cunard’s Queen Elizabeth cruise ship to Liverpool. There was a special concert at the Anglican Cathedral (amazing – I’ve never been inside before!) featuring Lesley Garratt, the Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra and the Band of the Welsh Guards. In the audience were the passengers plus VIPs including Liz Dawn, who I caught up with afterwards - and who looked great.   I was asked if I could stay on board but I had to be at Manchester Airport this morning to greet my Corrie guests.

So the plane landed at 11.30am and Rob, my wonderful coach driver, and I were there to meet them. I have 35 guests this year (from the UK, Canada, Ireland and New Zealand). We whisked them to their city centre hotel and left them to unpack and settle in.

For their escort Peter and I it was time to run through a few last minute arrangements before we start properly tomorrow.

At 6.30pm we all gathered together for a sherry before dinner. The first night is always informal and gives the guests a chance to meet together for the first time. Some come back year after year (we must be doing something right) and some are here for the first time and, I guess, aren’t quite sure what to expect. Many people have saved for this, dreamed of it, or have come for a special anniversary or birthday treat so we put a great deal of effort into making each trip extra special.

There was a Corrie episode on TV at 9pm so everyone rushed off to their rooms after dinner. There are some people who would walk over hot coals rather than find out some Corrie spoilers but with guests from across the globe, all at different points in the story, it’s impossible not to find out some upcoming secrets.

Check back for my next diary entry.

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