Sunday, 11 September 2011

World of Coronation Street Tour - Day Two

My latest report:

Saturday 10 September

We had a special breakfast treat when actor Jim Whelan, who plays Rev Mike Todd, Weatherfield’s main vicar, called in to say hello and to read from his autobiography. What a lovely man! Then we set off for a locations day. We started by visiting the outside of the Granada Studios so that I could tell the story of how Granada came into being, how Tony Warren got them to make Corrie and how the studios have developed. Throughout the day we will pass lots of Corrie filming locations – we started with the Weatherfield Hospital building (where someone fell recently in the UK - or were they pushed?), the hotel where Molly and Kevin spent a night of passion, the original outdoor Corrie street lot and so on. Then we took a walk through the canal district and learnt about Manchester’s history (there are Corrie locations here too – Roy Cropper almost drowned here for example). We also spotted Izzy across the street! 
Then Rob drove us through the city and out to the Corrie church. Here we explored the church, some got to climb the bell tower (remember granny Brenda holding Bethany from the top?), we visited Liam’s grave, the old folk’s home that Cilla worked in, and saw where Fred’s ashes were scattered. Thanks to the team at the church for making lots of special things happen!

Then we went to Ashton under Lyne where we had some free time to shop and eat before we saw Weatherfield Town Hall and then passed the church where Roy and Hayley almost married first time and the original Weatherfield Registry Office. Next stop was the dockside where Richard Hillman tried to kill the Platts and then we called at the location of Gail and Joe’s wedding (it was also where Vernon and Liz, Joe and Gail and Steve and Becky all wed  ... and if you don't mind spoilers read at the bottom and you'l find out who also tied the knot there in the UK episodes recently). Then it was back to the hotel for a break.

Introducing our special guest
We met up at the Briton’s Protection, one of the oldest pubs in Manchester, for a Corrie dinner. There was a surprise or two there – I took along some props I own such as the statue Tracy killed Charlie with and so on. And all our guests were amazed when Fiz (actress Jennie McAlpine) walked through the door. What a treat for everyone as she joined us for dinner.

SPOLIER FOR NON-UK VIEWERS:Others who've married there are Graeme and Xin and David and Kylie.

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