Wednesday, 14 September 2011

World of Coronation Street Tour - Day Five

Tuesday 13 September

An early start but worth it. We travelled around Salford, the city next to Manchester, which inspired Tony Warren. We called at the Red Rec park, passed Bessie Street School, Weatherfield Comprehensive, Audrey’s house, the spot where Tony Gordon escaped from the ambulance, the houses featured in the opening credits and much more. Then we had some free time at Salford Quays, saw where Steve proposed to Karen, where Don tried to kill Alma, where Danny lived and much more. Next we visited the area where the new Corrie set is being built, where Ken was arrested and the community centre where the infamous Alcoholics Anonymous meeting was held.

Next stop was Granada Studios where we were given the VIP treatment and toured the Corrie set, all the indoor sets and we watched filming (can’t tell you what we saw though!). We also met, amongst others, Chesney, Kirk, Roy, Hayley and Katy.
The rest of the afternoon was free.

In the evening we met at the swish Midland Hotel for a dinner with the odd compettion prize thrown in! Each guest also got a lovely limited edition print of Coronation Street as a momento of their visit. However, the shocks and surprises weren’t over as Graeme Hawley (John Stape) also came to dinner with us and shared insider gossip! A really nice man .... and no one died!

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