Tuesday, 31 July 2012

World of coronation St Tour - Day 3

Tuesday 31 July

Corrie’s creator Tony Warren was from Salford and when the show began the designer took to the streets of Manchester’s neighbouring city for inspiration. This morning we crossed into Salford to take a look at those streets calling at the park used as the Red Rec, seeing the famous rooftop views which appeared in the original opening titles, passing the church used for the first on-screen wedding, passing Audrey’s house, the spot Rosie was born in, where Tony Gordon escaped from the ambulance etc. We had free time at Salford Quays where the new outdoor studios are currently being constructed then we made a quick stop at Weatherfield’s community centre before heading to the location of locations – the studios.  As we arrived Izzy was crossing the road ahead of the coach!

We had a full, exclusive tour of the indoor and outdoor locations and bumped into Ken, Lloyd, Owen, Brian, Rita, Gary and Tina who were all charming.

Tonight we had a free evening to reflect on a wonderful day.