Thursday, 10 January 2013

Great news for Corrie fans visiting Manchester

The Corrie Walking Tour is back!
There's not much for Corrie fans visiting Manchester to see Weatherfield-wise which is why I set up the Corrie Walking Tour some years ago but, sadly, due to other work pressures I was unable to offer them after mid-2012 - however, they're back!

I will publish full details in a few weeks - and I'm unable to take bookings  just yet - but here's how it works.

The tour starts at the Midland Hotel where your guide (either me or a lovely lady called Jane, who knows many of the cast and indeed, has appeared as an 'extra' on Corrie, Emmerdale, and other shows) will meet your party.  We take you on a gentle walk around Manchester city centre taking in many filming locations (you'll recognise these from many key stories) and we'll take you past the studios themselves (we can't take you in but you never know your luck - quite often we bump into a cast member going in or out!).  We also tell you all about Manchester's fascinating history too.  We then take a short refreshment stop in a lovely old pub before climbing aboard a tram and making our way to Salford Quays where again we'll point out lots of Corrie locations, show you where the new studios are being built ready for Corrie's move in 2014 and we'll leave you at a lovely mall which includes a Cadbury chocolate shop, fish and chip restaurant and much more.  You can then make your tram journey back into the city (takes 20 minutes) at your leisure.  We normally start at about 10am and leave you at about 2pm.  The cost is £45* for your group (up to 4 people)  - the guide is normally exclusively for your group but sometimes we put two groups together!  You get to ask loads of questions and the guide has many personal Corrie stories to share.
*In addition you'll pay your own tram fares (around £2.50 each return)

As I said, we expect to be able to start taking bookings soon - keep watching this blog!  There are no set days on which we run the tour - you tell us when you're in town and if we can we take you on the walk! Please note that you won't enter Granada Studios, won't see the set and we can't guarantee you'll meet any of the cast but we do offer a unique day, lots of insider gossip and it's a must for Corrie fans.