Sunday, 10 March 2013

Some more Corrie trivia

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I'm always being asked to set Corrie quizzes - and sometimes to check facts for books and articles.  Here are a few Corrie facts you may not know:

Hilda Ogden wasn't the first character to have three flying ducks on her wall.  Long before the Ogdens even arrived on the show Elsie Tanner had three ducks in her front room.

Hilda was the owner of her famous 'murial' of course - but did you know that she actually had two?  One of mountains and one of the sea - not at the same time of course!

Ken's wife Val died in a fire - it was part of a plan to replace the flats on the street with a new factory building. 

Over the course of the years the stairs in the Rovers have moved - they used to run in the opposite direction from right to left.

Jill Summers and Bill Waddington (Phyllis and Percy) had a love-hate relationship on the show - and off screen too.  They'd both been stars on the variety circuit and had never really got along.

The door of the Rovers set is smaller on the outdoor set than the indoor one (the outdoor sets not being full sized) so watch people come out of the pub doors.  On the outdoor set they have to go in and out sideways but that's not necessary on the indoor set.

More to follow!