Sunday, 14 April 2013

Upcoming Tours and Talks

I'll be talking away at the following events:
18 April: Corrie locations day tour for Coronation Travel of Nova Scotia.
23 April: Talking about Victorian crimes and cons at Ashton Civic Society
1 May: Talking about cruises at Ryecroft Ladies.
7 May: Talking about Corrie at Denton Probus.
18 May: Talking about Corrie to Oldham MS Group.
3 June: Talking about Daisy Nook's history to Hartshead Ladies.
5 June: Talking about Corrie to Ryecroft Ladies.
6 June: Talking about Corrie at Stalybridge Church.
10 June: Talking about my career at Dukinfield Library.
23 July: Talking about Corrie at Daisy Nook.
25 July: Guiding on a Hidden Manchester day for Elite Coaches.
18 September: Taking Kemptville Travel's group of Canadians to Granada Studios.
20 September: Taking Kemptville Travel's group on a Corrie locations day.
16 October: Talking about pantomime at Ryecroft Hall.
A little bit of hidden Manchester - right gorgeous!

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