Sunday, 2 June 2013

My Corrie collectables on show

For many years I've talked about Corrie to groups - and, as a frequent visitor to the studios, I've been given bits and bobs (supplemented by a few things bought from eBay) to use in the talks.  This collection grew and grew and eventually I couldn't cart it all around with me so it got put away in the attic.

Then, a few months ago, the people at Daisy Nook Garden Centre asked if I would like to lend them a few things to put on exhibition in an empty space they had.  Out it all came and before long we had a few glass cabinets full - so if you're in Manchester why not call in and visit this 'unofficial' collection of all things Corrie.  Amongst the exhibits are:
The sweatshirt worn by Roy Cropper in the live 40th anniversary episode with 'Save Our Street' on it.
Alec Gilroy's Sunliners uniform from the video filmed on the QE2
A brick from the very first outdoor set (68-82) - I think it was part of Hilda's house.
A roll of credits.
Maxine's handbag and script from the episode in which Richard Hillman killed her.
A copy of The Pathfinder, the picture in Barlow's hall.
The 1967 producer's dossier of storylines to shake up the show.
Some pictures and music from Jill Summer's (Phyllis) personal collection.
Some of Betty Drivers' sheet music.
Original 60's memorabilia including a mug, jigsaw, glasses etc.
A tray, used in the Rovers, signed by the whole cast.
The statuette Tracey killed Charlie with.
etc etc

They also sell lots of the official Corrie merchandise right next to it! - the website includes details on how to get there (it's about 6 miles from Manchester city centre).

Remember this is just a collection of Corrie things collected by me - it's NOT an official exhibition nor is it run by, or endorsed by, ITV.  There is no admission charge.