Saturday, 2 November 2013

I'm a bit sad - I keep all the theatre programmes from productions I've seen and now and again I have a flick through a few. 

Yesterday I came across one for 'Randle's Scandals' a play about the great comedian Frank Randle (if you don't know anything about him, Google the name - it's well worth a  read).  Anyway, the show starred Keith Clifford who played a couple of memorable Corrie characters - the chap who owned the turkey, Charlie West, and the old chap in the care home where Cilla worked.  Keith is a great expert on Frank and he played him to a tee.  Along side him was a young actress making her debut, one Kate Merrington and an actor called Noel Kelly.  Noel is her dad and her real name was/is Kate Kelly - who went on to play Becky in Corrie.

Incidentally - some of you will recognise Keith as Billy from Last of the Summer Wine.  You may not know that he's a very talented painter.

Catching up with Curly

It was great to catch up with Kevin Kennedy last week.  He was at the garden centre launching his autobiography and meeting fans at our Corrie exhibition.  Since leaving the show he's done quite long runs in several theatre musicals including Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and We Will Rock You, which he's still starring in in London's West End.
Each time I've met him he's been so kind and very entertaining - and I have to say I'm working my way through his book - which is quite a read.  Very honest  (but not in a sensationalist way like some books) but also very insightful - I'm really enjoying it.