Saturday, 2 November 2013

I'm a bit sad - I keep all the theatre programmes from productions I've seen and now and again I have a flick through a few. 

Yesterday I came across one for 'Randle's Scandals' a play about the great comedian Frank Randle (if you don't know anything about him, Google the name - it's well worth a  read).  Anyway, the show starred Keith Clifford who played a couple of memorable Corrie characters - the chap who owned the turkey, Charlie West, and the old chap in the care home where Cilla worked.  Keith is a great expert on Frank and he played him to a tee.  Along side him was a young actress making her debut, one Kate Merrington and an actor called Noel Kelly.  Noel is her dad and her real name was/is Kate Kelly - who went on to play Becky in Corrie.

Incidentally - some of you will recognise Keith as Billy from Last of the Summer Wine.  You may not know that he's a very talented painter.