Sunday, 8 December 2013

More Daisy Nook happenings

More pictures of Daisy Nook's Christmas stock above.  We had our annual Reindeer Night last week.  We've done this twice before - a couple of live reindeer, some owls, a brass band, hog roast. Lovely.  We've had about 400-500 people come long each time.  This year over 3000 came - thanks to the power of social media!  Sadly we had to ask people to keep driving past as there was a two mile tailback into town.  We were very popular!

New Corrie set about to open

You'll probably have seen all the pictures of the new Corrie set at Salford Quays.  Filming will begin there in January following the Christmas break.  It is, of course, bigger than the current one and as such there are a few adjustments such as the odd extra window here and there.  This picture (courtesy of ITV) shows the back yards.  The yards for Coronation St are on the right but on the left are the yards of the street behind.  They've always had these on the current set but they are now a bit bigger and will, no doubt, be used for aerial shots.  Who knows - maybe we'll see the occasional neighbour emerge from a yard now?

The current set, which dates back to the 80s, will be opened to the public for a few months in 2014 and will then be demolished.

Saturday, 7 December 2013

It's all going on at Daisy Nook

Our Christmas events are all in  full swing now with Santa and Cinderella appearing each Saturday and Sunday until the big day!  The pantomime themed displays are proving a big hit too!