Wednesday, 9 April 2014

My first podcast

Being not too technically minded I wasn't sure how painful my first podcast might be.

It proved to be very painless indeed!  Michael and Gemma, who run the Conversation Street website, came to the garden centre yesterday to visit the exhibition of all things Corrie we have there - and to do the interview.  They were interested in seeing the various Corrie things I've collected over the years and then we did the interview - which is basically recorded onto a laptop for future use.

They were a delightful couple - enjoying a break in Manchester visiting lots of Corrie locations and, later that day, the new studio tour.  They were staying at the hotel Ken stayed in some years ago when he'd left Deirdre.  They were interested when I told them that Tony Warren was actually born in the next street! 

Anyway, check out their website and you might catch my interview in a forthcoming broadcast.  I won't be - never watch or listen to anything I'm in.  Can't bear to hear myself.