Wednesday, 9 April 2014

TV gardeners

We had a call from The Lowry centre today.  They've got a load of TV gardeners there this weekend doing demos and so on.  Could we supply all they needed?  Of course!  There's a bit of an association with Salford Quays for us as we supplied some of the plants in the BBC Blue Peter garden and the silver birch planted  by Princess Anne when she came to visit.

Recently we've provided plants for Channel 4's period drama The Mill - of course, they always need plants in the wrong seasons - but we try and assist.  Not that long ago a TV company wanted containers of dead plants, which we were able to do.  We just asked that they didn't credit us!  Not good for business!

The BBC have done an occasional Saturday morning radio broadcast from the centre and want to do many more so we're just about to install a small radio studio!