Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Christmas is coming

Each year at Daisy Nook we theme the shop for Christmas.  This year it's the royal family so we'll have a Balmoral themed area with lots of tartan and scottie dogs then there's a purple and silver area with two thrones.  We also have a Victorian section planned featuring lots of vintage decorations plus gingerbread ... well, you get the idea.  I could really do with Kate getting pregnant too - because we have a blue and pink section full of baby things!  I'll have to leave that to William.
It should be fun!

So, why's this on my mind right now?  Well, having bought all the stock in January it's started arriving at the centre.  Behind the scenes we are unpacking, pricing and re-packing tinsel, trees and decorations.  Most of this takes place in greenhouses and as we've been enjoying a heatwave this past two weeks we've been up to our ears in fake snow - but in very hot conditions!