Wednesday, 30 July 2014

RIP Dora Bryan

Another longstanding friend passed away last week - the delightful actress Dora Bryan.

Dora was born in Southport but raised in Oldham - and she achieved early fame at the Coliseum Theatre.  She married the cricketer Bill Lawton, a lovely man.

In one of the national newspaper obituaries she was described as 'sharp as a needle'.  I'm not sure they could actually have known her!  She was known as 'Dotty Dora' amongst her friends.

I remember going to see her at the National Theatre.  It was a very serious production and as she made an exit off stage she suddenly did the splits - it was most inappropriate for the play.  When I went to see her in her dressing room she asked if I'd noticed.  "I did them for you!" she said.

Dora hadn't been well for a number of a years - since Bill died - and she spent her last years in a home on the south coast.