Saturday, 16 August 2014

Chimney Pot Park

Those of you who have been on a Corrie locations tour with me will no doubt have been taken to the 'Red Rec' (Chimney Pot Park) and seen the 'upside down' houses which were constructed from the shells of the old terraces.  I found the first picture recently.  I took it about 15 years ago and it shows the view of the houses from the park before the work.    You'll recognise it from the old Corrie credits.

Some years back Urban Splash bought the area up and basically kept the shells but put new homes inside.  They have bedrooms downstairs and lounges up top and where the back yards and alley used to be they have decked gardens with parking below.  You can see these in the second picture. 

I was there on Tuesday when some friends (who are Corrie mad) came to visit from Birmingham and I gave them the grand tour of Salford.  I think it's great that they preserved the old whilst making them suitable for modern families.  The only thing I don't like is the skylights.  It's a nod to the old chimneys which gave the area it's nickname but they look 'bolted on' to me.