Monday, 24 August 2015

A glimpse of the Salford Studios

Hot on the heels of my visit to the old studios (last posting) I took some friends for a glimpse of the current ones (I'm trying to stop calling them the 'new' ones).  They are down at Salford Quays in case you didn't know.  But please don't call them the 'Salford Studios' (as I have done in the heading) because they are actually in Trafford not Salford.  I know! I know!  Confusing, isn't it?

Above is a picture of the Imperial War Museum of the North (also in Trafford as the canal is the boundary between the boroughs) which has a lift going up into the roof.  Take that (it's currently about 60p for seniors and £1.20 for everyone else) and you'll get a view down onto the new, sorry - current - Corrie set.

The view from the top

Slightly zoomed, you will make out the warehouse behind the Medical Centre on the Lot.

The nearest tram stop is Media City then walk through the BBC (they have Doctor Who's Tardis, Daleks, a chair from The Voice and a mocked up Rovers Return frontage in reception), across the bridge and there you are!

Looking back at the museum
The view from the top towards Salford