Monday, 24 August 2015


Up high on the London Eye

Crossing the Thames by cable car
Tower Bridge

Mind The Gap on the Tube

The fake houses on Leinster Terrace

Not so long ago I had a weekend in London.  I lived in the capital for several years and loved it - but I rarely get to go back these days.  I quite enjoyed it as did my teenage niece and nephew.  We got out and about too visiting a few attractions - Bank of England Museum (boring!), Sherlock Holmes' house (not bad but long, long queues), the London Eye (great no matter how many times you've been - but the queues and shorter in the evening), the Cable Car from Greenwich (good fun) and the river boat (take the commuter service rather than the tourist one unless you want a full commentary.  It's way cheaper).
We also took in two shows - Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Wicked - and we love both.  Another tip - if you don't mind which show you get to see go along to the discounted ticket booth in Leicester Square  (the TKT one) where you'll get cheaper tickets for almost every show going.
We used the buses and tubes and made use of our daily Travelcard (the best value) which also gave us a discount on our boat trip and on the cable car.
A great time was had by all!