Monday, 24 August 2015

Back to Quay Street

I've been invited to go back to the old Corrie studios on Quay St for a last look in December.  I haven't been since just before the Corrie team moved to Salford and I fully expected to have a tear in my eye in December - I was a frequent visitor to Quay Street for over a decade and have many happy memories of the people who worked there, many long shuffled off this mortal coil.  Well, last week I got the chance to go back early and to take a pair of lovely friends, and devoted Weatherfield fans, on a tour.  They, naturally, loved it - but I found it a little bittersweet.

Fans explore the Lot

Looking towards where the original Outdoor Lot stood, used from 1968-82.  The weeds are taking over.

It was, for me, sad to see the wallpaper hanging off the walls of dressing room corridor and the Green Room looking so unloved (not that it was ever that loved by its users).  All the creativity had gone.  It was all too quiet.

View from the Kebab Shop

The painted plastic brick walls are now fading, cracks appearing in the old sets and the plaster falling off here and there.  After two years of lack of maintenance (at least to the standard required for filming) it's looking tatty around the edges.  Don't get me wrong - if you've not been before, make sure you visit before the end of the year when the place closes to visitors and gets ready to be demolished.  But should it be saved?  I think not.  It's beyond that already - like a decommissioned ship rusting in dock.

No more filming here.