Saturday, 24 October 2015

Two passings

Sorry to report the death of Peter Baldwin, 82, who played Derek Wilton for many years on Corrie.  A really lovely man who never quite got over the character being killed off under Brian Park's reign as Producer.

Also, the death of Alma, wife of the late Bill Tarmey.  Ali, as she was known, passed away after a long illness.

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Coronation Travel Tour - a review

Yesterday I led a one day tour of Corrie locations for Coronation Travel.  It was quite a momentous day - not only was it my last day tour but we also had to fit in a blessing!  These tours are normally booked a year or so in advance and then maybe six months ago I was contacted by the travel agent who runs the tour, Kim.  She'd been asked by a couple travelling on the tour whether it was possible to be married whilst over here - and if so whether they could have a Coronation St wedding.  Well, sadly, legally it wasn't possible - but we did manage to pull together the next best thing - a blessing ahead of their marriage in Canada.

Here's how the day went.  The group arrived at Daisy Nook Garden Centre to take  a tour of the Corrie exhibition.  As they did so we told them that our special couple were feeling unwell and so their escort Neville would have to take them to their hotel.  So Neville, Helene and Jack vanished.  In fact Neville MacKay (a fantastic florist) was in a back room making a stunning bouquet and buttonholes from red, white and blue flowers supplied by Daisy Nook.  When completed he and the happy couple were whisked off to the venue.

Half and hour or so later and I and the group boarded the coach and set off for our second stop - Ryecroft Hall.  This is where so many Corrie weddings have been filmed (including Rita and Dennis, Gail and Michael, Gail and Joe, David and Kylie, Steve and Becky - and many more).  The group took a seat and we sprang the surprise.  We'd managed to get Canon Sykes, Chaplain to HM The Queen to perform a ceremony, we had music, we had flowers and we had candles.  And off we went.  Half an hour later - having had readings from Neville and I - the happy couple were well and truly 'blessed' and they left the room to the strains of the Corrie theme tune (of course!).

From there we went to Salford Quays, travelled past the old Quays St studios and out to the Red Rec Park before making our way to their hotel.

A lovely group - a lovely day - and a great last tour for me after 20 years.

Neville creating magic on a previous visit to Daisy Nook

The old Granada Studios

Dennis marries Rita at Ryecroft Hall

Stella and Karl outside Ryecroft Hall

David and Kylie marrying in the room we used

Salford Quays
Pictures of Coronation St are copyright of ITV.